About Us

Globus Genomics has been developed at the Computation Institute (CI). The CI, a joint institute between the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, is an intellectual nexus for scientists and scholars pursuing multi-disciplinary research and is a resource center for developing and applying innovative computational approaches.

Globus Genomics is part of the broader family of Globus solutions developed at the CI, designed to support research data management needs in support of non-for-profit research. Globus Genomics was built to provide bioscience researchers and resource providers at core labs with an advanced platform, delivered as a software-as-a-service, to help tackle the growing challenges associated with end-to-end analysis of genomic data.

Team Members

  • Paul Dave
    Director of User Services, Computation Institute
  • Ravi Madduri
    Principal Software Engineer, Product Manager, Computation Institute
  • Dina Sulakhe
    Engagement Manager, Solution Architect, Computation Institute
  • Alex Rodriguez
    Biomedical Informatics Consultant, Computation Institute
  • Mark Xiao
    Software Developer / Operations, Computation Institute
  • Segun Christopher Jung
    Biomedical Informatics Consultant, Computation Institute
  • Ian Foster
    Director of Computation Institute
  • Globus Team Members